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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozonizers
and ozone systems


Stream Ozone proposes a new service
to our customers – OZONE GENERATOR RENTING

Ozone generators Stream Ozone can be efficiently used for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing of an air and surfaces at various sites:

  • Domestic premises (apartments, houses, offices, garages, basements, cellars, etc.);
  • Commercial premises (cafes, bars, hotel rooms, beauty salons, fitness clubs, etc.);
  • Industrial premises (warehouses, refrigerators, workshops, factories, etc.);
  • State facilities (schools, medical institutions, and so on.);
  • Vehicles (cars, powerboats, yachts, carriages, airplanes, etc.).

  • to get rid of mold and fungus in an apartment as well as to eliminate unpleasant odors (tobacco smoke, repairs, fire, animals, chemicals);
  • to clean hotel rooms out of tobacco smoke, chemicals and perfume odor;
  • to refresh a restaurant hall after banquet, crowded celebrations, to get rid of cooking smell and tobacco smoke;
  • to clean the room of a beauty salon out of smell of lacquers, acrylic, perming and visitor's perfumes;
  • to refresh locker rooms of fitness clubs out of unpleasant odors, to eliminate fungus and mold in showers and swimming pools;
  • to clean a shop out of specific odors of goods (plastic, metal, rubber, leather, paint), to get rid of product putrefactive smell, to eliminate fungus and mold in the storerooms;
  • to clean office air conditioner out of smells, epidermis dead cells, to remove sewage odors and residual odors of human activity at the end of a work shift;
  • to disinfect a hospital ward after being there a patient with respiratory infections;
  • to clean the interior of a vehicle from undesirable odors and tobacco smoke.

  • Ozone disinfection is more effective than chlorine and ultraviolet treatment.
  • Ozone eliminates mold, bacteria and viruses.
  • Ozone removes odors of organic and chemical origin.
  • The ozone molecule penetrates into the most inaccessible places.
  • Safety - ozone decomposes completely into oxygen after a treatment.

  • WHAT IS OZONE? It is an unstable form of oxygen with three oxygen atoms instead of two. Ozone is formed during thunderstorms in nature. In most countries of the world, including Ukraine, ozonation is applicated in home and industrial use for purification of air, water in swimming pools and other liquids.

    MECHANISM OF OZONE ACTION: the third oxygen atom in molecule O3 which has a weak bond with two other atoms is detached from them and actively bonds to bacteria, fungi, viruses and any other microorganisms. This process is called oxidation. Microorganisms remain without food and protection and so die due to shell oxidation. For this reason, ozone is a powerful disinfection and cleaning means. There are no chemical residues except oxygen and carbon dioxide after the treatment.


    The cost of renting the ozone generator Stream Ozone is 250 UAH per day.

    Ozone generator renting is carried out on the basis of rental agreement and signed acceptance certificates.

    Our experts will answer all your questions relating to odor elimination and air disinfection from 9:30 up to 17:30 by phones:


    The equipment operation is possible only when there are no people or animals in the room to be treated!!!

    Study the operation manual before the ozonation system use!!!