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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozone generators
and ozonation systems



Ozonation systems are divided into two types: a system for ozone supplying directly into the atmosphere of the room to be treated and a system for ozone treatment of water.

The system of the first type is used for disinfection, deodorization, deratisation indoors. It also used for purification of discharged gases from harmful contaminants and pathogenic microorganisms.

The system of the second type is used for ozonation of various liquids.

The system can be mounted on a separate frame or a wall. Ozonation system for ozone supplying to premise atmosphere consists of dryer, compressor, ozone generator, control unit with timer, collector with flow meter and pipeline distribution network. An air is used for ozone generation, which is prepared by dryer and supplied to ozone generator by compressor. Ozone is generated from the dried air by ozone generator and supplied over a special pipeline distribution network to gas application areas.

The system for water ozonation comprises ozone generator, dryer, compressor, pump and reaction tank. An air from atmosphere is supplied through the dryer to ozone generator by compressor. The generated ozone is supplied to reaction tank where it is mixed with water and then the ozonated water is supplied to areas of its further application.

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