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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozone generators
and ozonation systems



Fig.1 – swimming pull treatment– ozone

Fig. 2 – swimming pull treatment – chlorine

The principle of the ozonation system Stream Ozone operation is based on mixing the circulating water with the ozone-air mixture produced in the ozone generator of series OzW. Reaction tank with ejection unit as a part of the module is provided for ensuring the effective mixing and required contact time. Water is supplied to the ejection unit by a pump. To ensure safe operation the module is equipped with a drop collector, water seal and residual ozone destructor. The main elements of the module are made of ozone-resistant materials.

Ozonation of water can be carried out in four directions:
- Postozonation — mixing of ozonated water with purified water after filtration before feeding the water to swimming pull basin.
- Preozonation — mixing of ozonated water with circulating water before filtration.
- Two-stage ozonation — use of preozonation and postozonation.
- Disinfection of pull basin — injection of ozone-air mixture in distribution system of purified water supply.

Each of the above methods has its advantages and disadvantages. The most effective method is ozonation of water before filtration. Ozonation module operates in automatic mode together with pool filtration system. Postozonation unit for ozone entering directly into the pull basin is recommended for pull basin disinfection. Basin disinfection with ozone can significantly reduce (right up to completely eliminating) the need for shock chlorination of water in swimming pull.

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