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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozone generators
and ozonation systems



Greenhouse ozonation system - a rational solution to improve a number of indicators characterizing the efficiency of greenhouse business. Preparation of irrigation water using the ozone technology solves a range of problems arising during growth of production in greenhouse.

Ozone is an effective disinfectant destroying fungus, bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins in air, water and on surfaces. Ozone treatment is applied at all stages of greenhouse operation: from seed germination in ozonated water and disinfection of greenhouse at the beginning of the season to plant irrigation during its growing period.

Ozonation water is used for improvement of greenhouse soil. Soil irrigation with ozonated water kills bacteria in the soil and roots of plants, increases crop yields. Direct supply of ozone to greenhouse atmosphere is used for disinfection of surfaces.

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