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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozone generators
and ozonation systems



EOD MINI ¨C a device for production of ecologically friendly desinfection solution from tap water (spring water) that kills 99,9% bacteria, viruses, fungy, mold and other patogens (including virus §³OVID19).

buy steriliser EOD MINI for production of desinfaction solution
Generation rate of desinfection solution from water: 1-10 litres per cycle
MIN cycle duration: 1 minute
MAX cycle duration: 120 minutes
Term of use: 15 minutes after end of cycle
Dimension: 66mmx60mmx45mm
Weight: 90g
Country of manufacturer: Finland
Warranty: 12 months

Mild microbial load 1 minute per litre of water (N min. per N litres) - general/upkeep cleaning, gentle sanitation, treating plants

Medium microbial load 2 - 5 minutes per litre (2N-5N min. per N litres) - general sanitation, WC cleaning, stain removal, hand sanitation, rinsing fruits and vegetables

Greater microbial challenges 10 minutes per litre (10N min. per N litres) - avoid germ transfer (pet cages, transportation vehicles, fishing gear, toys, planting pots, etc.), bad smells and tricky stains

Heavier microbial challenges and environment with other contamination§³§Ú§Ý§î§ß§Ñ§ñ 20 minutes per litre of water (20N min. per N litres) - piping/drains, perlite wash from algae, etc.

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