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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozone generators
and ozonation systems



Ozone – it is a strong oxidant having a number of features which have opened a lot of opportunities for optimization of the production processes in industrial enterprises.

In general, ozone is used for disinfection, deodorization and deratization of premises as well as for water treatment and purification of off - gases. Less frequently ozone is used in industry to solve specific production tasks. The examples are given below:

- in chemical industry (sulphate acid production, production of organic intermediate products, activation of manganese catalyst, cleaning of off - gases);
- in petrochemical industry (production of azelaic and lauric acids, production of higher fatty alcohols and fatty acids, plastics);
- in microbiological industry (sterilization of culture liquids and equipment, production of protein-vitamin concentrates, production of nicotinic acid - vitamin PP);
- in pulp- and-paper industry (bleaching of pulp and paper);
- in non-ferrous metallurgy (hydrometallurgy of nickel and cobalt, recovery of vanadium, gallium);
- in paint-and-coating industry (production of vat dyes, white paint, obtaining of stable color paints, lacquer discoloration);
- in light industry (production of perfume extrait, camphor, cosmetic oils, tobacco);
- in machine-building industry (ozonation of cooling emulsions for increasing the cutting tool power, heat treatment of steels, cyanide waste water treatment);
-in coke chemistry (carbon oxide oxidation in coke gases).

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