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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozone generators
and ozonation systems



The ozonation systems Stream Ozone for swimming pools are an effective way to disinfect water without chlorine application. Ozonation in swimming pools provides for multipuprose disinfection of:

  • swimming pool water,
  • swimming pool walls,
  • pipes,
  • swimming pool filter equipment.
  • The ozonation systems Stream Ozone allow reaching a qualitatively new level of water treatment reducing the use of conventional chemicals (chlorine, bromine) by 80-100% and as a result:

  • The use and storage of hazardous chemicals is significantly reduced.
  • The negative effects such as irritation and reddening of eyes are missing.
  • Concentration of chemicals which negatively affect the skin is significantly reduced.
  • The impact of chemicals on quality and properties of fiber for swimwear is reduced.
  • The odors of chlorine are neutralized.
  • Bound chlorine is turned into free chlorine which keeps performing its sanitary function.
  • Quality and reliability of the equipment, long warranty, service and possibility of diagnosis as soon as possible will pleasure you.

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