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Stream Ozone

Stream Ozone

of industrial ozone generators
and ozonation systems



Ozonation system can be mounted on a separate frame or on a wall anywhere in the vegetable store. Vegetable store ozonation system consists of air drier, compressor, ozone generator, control unit with timer, collector with flow meter and pipeline distribution network. An air used for ozone generating is prepared by dryer previously and then it is supplied to ozone generator by compressor. The ozone generator generates ozone from the dried air, which is supplied to the collector. The collector distributes ozone in store chambers. From the collector ozone enters a special ozone-resisting pipeline network connected to each chamber; pipe is mounted at a ceiling level in chamber; there are holes of various diameters in the pipe for uniform ozone supply.

Ozonation of vegetables during their storage

Ozonation allows reducing the contamination of products by pathogenic microflora preventing from its negative effect. Ozone treatment in the course of storage slows down the spoilage process if contamination of products has occurred before its storage.

Ozonation is carried out in automatic mode, usually at night, when there are no personnel in store. Gassing is ceased for a few hours before personnel arrival so that the ozone could disintegrate into oxygen.

Disinfection of vegetable store before storage

Alternately ozonation of store chambers before storage is carried out, high doses and exposure times are used. It allows you to eliminate completely the possibility of contamination of the products in vegetable store.

Disinfection of containers for storage

Containers for storage are one of possible infection source, so their disinfection is an important task. Empty containers are placed into one of storage chambers subjected to ozonation; ozone disinfects the containers.


Ozone treatment is effective not only for disinfection, but also for deratization. Rodents leave the room, which is regularly subjected to ozonation, they can not get used to ozone due to its special affecting mechanism.

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